I saved you yesterday so you can save me tomorrow


Variable sizes


The title came completely from my subconscious and the whole installation is based on my own dreams. I woke up from a terrible nightmare and there it was- I saved you yesterday so you can save me tomorrow. I divided installation in two parts- the real world and imaginative one. Both filled with life and death, desires, social constructs, prohibitions, and other questionable comparisons. I'm not revealing which one is which, because at the end they both are so well connected- what happens in one of them will reflect in the other and vice versa.

Does reality come true?

Forever young rose

Artificial flower, glitter sticker letters

Life in a cage

Metal, wood, plastic, paper, parrot

60x60x90 cm

The eyes are window to the soul 

Plaster,metal, paint,plastic


kakariki parrot


Built with Berta.me