Solo show at New Garden Gallerie

Paris, France


Ruptures always come uninvited, that’s in their nature. This is the story of a rupture of my youth, the end of the era feels closer than ever as the nostalgia comes in the scene. Fading fulfilment of carefree nights crossing paths with memories of wild times, the call of desire and falling love over and over again. The inner conflict to make up my mind in abundance of chances.
Unwillingly, yet something stops me, the self-awareness blends with self-discrepancy. Longing to live in peace, yet giving in to chaos is so much more tempting.
Let’s just say maturity came unexpectedly, but I am still in between.

38 x 29 cm
plywood, paint, glue,
reflective paper,
magazine, double sided
photo print

Non-existent memories
230 x 56 x 40 cm

Mixed media installation


Mesmerising afterthoughts
60 x 140 cm
Wood, corner mirror, vinyl,
bird spikes, eraser, mixed
media on cardboard

C’est la vie
41 x 60 cm
mixed media on canvas,
photo prints, magazine cutout,
resin, plexiglass, mesh

116 x 89 cm
metal, paint led strip,
mixed media on cardboard,
PHOTO, magazine cut-out,
mixed media on canvas,
resin, plexiglass.

dance with me

62x 56 cm
mixed media on canvas
oil paint on canvas,
metal, dibond,
plastic, artificial rose,
fake tongue, piercing


Snooze more, pls

119 x 90 cm

wood, plaster board,

expanding foam, lino, plastic
membrane, plexyglass.
screws, mixed media on
canvas, photoprint

63 x 75 cm
metal, paint, cut-out, pvc
sheet, reflective paper, tape,
hexagon bolt, resin



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